International Watchmaking Marketing Collection Director

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Description du poste


Key responsibility 1: Develop the Maison’s product strategy and action plans

  • 3-year strategic plan in collaboration with the Marketing Director and other department managers.
  • Competition and social benchmarks using a product and customer-centric approach to identify key market segments and growth drivers.
  • Definition and management of the action plan for its product lines:
  • o Product plan including product mix (launches, animations, rationalization of ranges),

    o Activation plan,

    o Central/subsidiary action plan,

    o Allocation of communication resources and network strategy.

  • Contribution to the definition and evolution of organizations and processes in close collaboration with the Development and Operations teams.
  • Presentation of the strategy and action plans to the General Management, the Executive Committee and the subsidiaries at different meetings.
  • Key responsibility 2: Develop the business

    Analyses the performance of the activity:

  • Manages its activity based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Builds and monitors budgets.
  • Defines sales assumptions to size the industrial tool in collaboration with the Operations teams.
  • Defines global launch strategy for novelties in order to determine pre-purchases and the production schedule.
  • Identifies and implements actions to support/develop the business:

  • Identifies actions to sustain the business growth of his/her activity in collaboration with the managers of central teams and subsidiaries (retail, VM/retail, ops/SDP, subsidiaries, creative studio, development, operations, merchandising, MCC)
  • Identifies market needs/expectations and responds to specific development requests
  • Coordinates the implementation of these action plans centrally
  • Proposes and implements the necessary actions in terms of product portfolio management.
  • Key responsibility 3: Defines and steers the watchmaking product offer

  • Defines the product strategy.
  • Ensures the interactions with the design studio at all stages of creation, from brief to product development.
  • Sets collection plans and launch plans (novelties) based on the 3-year plan.
  • Initiates creative briefs and structuring of the collection plan, hand in hand with the product managers.
  • Guides and supports group managers and/or product managers during the product development phase.
  • Ensures coordination, communication and success of projects (with Creation, Development, Purchasing, Quality, Merchandising) while guaranteeing their profitability.
  • Key responsibility 4: Builds activation / launch plans

    For both range products and novelties:

  • In partnership with the Communication departments and the subsidiaries, defines actions to be taken for local activations.
  • Participates to the construction of product assortments.
  • Provides information and training to the markets.
  • Builds the product training strategy for markets in collaboration with Merchandising and L&D departments.
  • For novelties:

  • Defines product concepts in collaboration with Brand Content (aspirational universe, name research) and positioning:
  • Briefs for Communication / PR / training teams.
  • Follow up on all assests for the launch packages.
  • Participates in the definition of the launch strategy and the communication packages required for product launches:
  • Defines prices and validates in local currencies, forecasts and coefficients.
  • Defines the schedule and priorities in terms of product assortment for launches in close collaboration with Merchandising, Operations and ID teams.
  • Key responsibility 5: Ensure the financial performance of products

    Is co-responsible for the gross margin of products:

  • Sets objectives, challenges and validates the cost prices of novelties.
  • Validates world prices.
  • Co-pilots annual reviews of prices.
  • Guarantees the profitability of projects by defining prices and constantly seeking to optimize costs (novelties & range).
  • Key responsibility 6: Manages or coordinates cross-functional projects

  • As a representative of the Marketing function and of his/her department, ensures the Marketing stakes are considered and promotes transversality with other product categories and departments.
  • Manages / steers the cross-functional subjects and projects progress.
  • Key responsibility 7: Manages a team

  • Leads, engages and develops a team of group managers, product managers and interns:
  • o Embodies an inspiring and empowering management style

    o Reconciles individual interests of the team members with the collective interests of the Maison

    o Supports career development and promotes performance: clarity of objectives, regular feedback, annual appraisals, career

    projections, etc.

    o Organises, manages and prioritises the team’s workload

  • Proactively makes propositions to adapt organization and processes within the team.
  • Participates to recruitments and ensures the quality and success of onboardings.
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    Je souhaite que mon CV soit visible pour les recruteurs afin qu'ils puissent me contacter directement