Communication expert for the Preparation and generation of contents for the internal communication of the TTX exercise

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Description du poste

Territorial footprint

Communication expert for the Preparation and generation of contents for the internal communication of the TTX exercise

Project description

The overall objective is to strengthen partner countries capacities to develop and implement strategies that build societal resilience against all hazards, natural and man-made threats through capacity building activities, legislative and institutional advices, support to cross-border cooperation framework, aligned to the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) and its cooperation with DG ECHO.

The general purpose of this project is to increase awareness, foster the analytical and operational capacity and encourage the cooperation opportunities at a national, regional and international levels to ensure better efficiency.

The main objectives of PPRD Project South III, are:

  • Enhance national system capacities in disaster management based on prevention, mitigation and preparedness with the involvement of all relevant State and non-State actors;
  • Develop national, regional and international coordination and cooperation based on coherent approaches and actions to prevention, preparedness and response, including closer institutional cooperation between the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) and the South partner countries.
  • The overall project is structured in 3 components, and France is leading the component 1.

    The specific goal of the Component 1 is to achieve that the prevention capacities of the beneficiary countries are strengthened


    The first pillar of Component 1 seeks the objective to strength the prevention capacities of the partner countries

    As a result of the previous activities, three main topics were identified:

  • Sub-result 1.1: Risk assessment and mapping capacities are enhanced both at national and regional level
  • Sub-Result 1.2 Early mechanisms are identified shared and adopted by relevant actors aligned with UCPM and in cooperation with DG ECHO
  • Sub-result 1.3 Emergency planning is improved by enhanced coordination between national institutions
  • This Terms of Reference concern Activity TTX 2.1.2

    Activity/Mission details

    Activity Reference number

    Activity TTX 2.1.2

    General objective

    The activity will allow the participants from the TTX to reinforce their capacities during the management of an incident

    It is important to differentiate the communication of the project from the internal communication of the TTX

    Specific objectives

    Manage the communication within the TTX

    Train on tools and ways to communicate when managing an incident

    Learn the terminology to be used internally and externally

    Learn operation communication skills

    Expected results

     The role of the internal communication person is reinforced and fostered, during an emergency.


    The activity TTX 2.1.2 will be implemented in Brussels from the 13th to the 16th of September

    The TTX is managed by Expertise France and having Lcl (ER) Alain Chevallier as a STE Director of the exercise.

    STE will prepare the tools and content which will be shared with the Director of the exercise to organise the TTX in an efficient way.

    During the exercise the STE will manage the internal communication of the exercise, offering to the participants the necessary tools and terminology to be used in a real scenario.


    TTX in Brussels

    Targeted participants

    Partner countries




    15 WDs in August and September

    Monitored by

    Alain Chevalier as Director of the Exercise

    Expertise needs

    Number of STE/NKE needed

    01 STE

    Number of working days

    Preparation and generation of contents for the internal communication of the TTX exercise.

    Participation in the TTX Exercise


    TOTAL WD per STE: 15 WDs

    Task description

    Preparate and elaborate the internal communication content and materials, adapted to the TTX exercise.

    Use the suitable terminology and contribute to develop communication skills in the participants

    Reply to the questions raised by the participants. Support them during the TTX

    Provide a result-oriented report on the activity TTX 2.1.2, with terminology, lines of improvement and recommendations.

    One document (deliverable) must be provided by STE, including at least:

    Final report summarising the activity, pointing out the main streams and main goals to be developed in internal communication exercises/incidents. The result achieved.


    Report of the internal communication part of the exercise with recommendations and terminology to be used

    Expert profile(s)

    Qualification and skills

  • University degree or similar.
  • Advanced communication and interpersonal skills to interact with various stakeholders during crisis, especially in public awareness campaigns, communication of serious accidents.
  • Master in communication policies and/or prevention and management of risks
  • Highly communication skills
  • Fluent in one of the following languages: Spanish, Italian and/or French. Knowledge of English or Arabic will be an asset.
  • General and specific professional experience

  • At least 3 years of proven experience in emergencies, civil protection, crisis and/or natural/man-made disasters acting as communication manager.
  • Experience as a Head of communication in an emergency services at regional or national level.
  • Proven experience in the implementation at national or regional level of the processes that are necessary for the activity, at least: implementation of crisis communication strategies, real capacity to manage emergency communication, capacity to build a strategy communication in the field of emergencies, capacity to generate information (text, video, media release,…).
  • Capacity to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Proven skills in management of specific activities.
  • Contracting modalities

    Working modalities will be communicated by the implementing agency (EF) to the selected short-term expert on a separate basis.

    CV format

    CVs should be submitted in English under the Europass format to be found at the following link:

    Contact Points

    Information and CVs submission should be sent at the following email addresses:

  • Antoine TRIFFAUX, Project Manager :
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